“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

    -       Nikola Tesla

    Welcome to Pyramid Tatva Nepal - World Of Crystals

    If you are a crystal lover or are interested to know about these wonderful stones and their uses, you have come to the right place. We also love crystals! We are one of the authentic retailers of crystals and minerals in Nepal. We offer a wide range of crystals items from small raw pieces to big specimen, from jewelry to home enhancement items. All our crystals are unique and carefully picked to ensure their quality and healing properties. You can either visit us at Chhaya Center, Thamel or take a virtual tour of our collections and order online. We are always happy to give you personalized service! 

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    Healing Root Chakra with Crystals

    As per the ancient eastern belief, every human body has subtle life force or energy centers called Chakra that moves inside us spinning and rotating like a wheel. There are seven such subtle energy wheels, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head.
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    Best Crystals To Use When You Are Feeling Low!

    What depression feels like? It’s very difficult to accurately express it. But people are well aware what it takes from one’s life – the Happiness. Nowadays it has been so common that at one time or another, we or someone we know, have gone through or experienced depression.
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    7 Best Crystals for Study and Mental Focus

    If there is one thing any student wants to avoid in life is to study. This irony, however, is quite self-explanatory as studying is boring, routinely and devoid of entertainment. And on top of that, it comes with many examinations and assignments.
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    Why is Himalayan Salt Lamp the Best Gift of the Season?

    With the festival season approaching soon especially the important celebration days like Father’s Day and Teej, we are likely to think of gifting something worthy to our loved ones. However, finding a perfect gift is not an easy task. But you don’t need to worry! Himalayan Salt Lamps.
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    Green Crystals to Go with Shrawan!

    Shrawan particularly looks refreshing! It’s not just because of the monsoon rain or the lush green hills or the paddy terraces. It’s also because of the green bangles, green pote (glass beads), henna tattooed hands and colorfully (especially green and yellow) dressed women folks.
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    All You Need To Know About Crystal Pyramids and Orgonite Pyramids

    Pyramids have mesmerized civilizations for ages and almost all civilizations have used this shape to attain spiritual awakenings. Its geometrical shape is said to amplify any vibration or Pranic energy (life energy). Hence most of the temples around the worldvwere built using this geometrical design.  It is believed that the four sides of a pyramid represent the four cosmic elements.
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