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    29 Oct 2021

    5 Best Good Luck Crystals to Shine Your Fortune

    Everyone values good fortune and achievement in their life. Whether it’s in business, career, relationships or finance, people are always seeking for good fortune. Humans have been using crystals to bring good luck for thousands of years as crystals are believed to carry positive energy. Each crystal has its own benefits and set of features that enhances universal energy. Using right crystals can improve your luck resulting in prosperity in relationship, wealth, and business. Here are some of our favorite crystals that ensure good luck and fortune.

    16 Sep 2021

    The mystical world of crystals can be both fascinating and overwhelming for those who are new to it. There are countless crystals of varying shapes, sizes, and colors, each with their own unique characteristics and edges that make them unique. In addition to being visually appealing, they also have healing properties and promote well-being. Crystals have their own magic and alchemy. From using them as meditation facilitators to magnifying energies, they are used in our daily lives for our mental, physical, and religious well-being. If you are new to this wonderous world of crystals, we are here to help you get started on your journey. Below we've put together a list of the best starter crystals.

    06 Sep 2021

    Father’s Day is just round the corner! And you must be wondering on what could be the best gift for him. Of course, your dad would say that he doesn’t want anything but it’s the time you show how much you care and love him after all he is the super hero of your life. The best way to show your appreciation is to give a gift. But finding a perfect gift for your dad can be tough. Well, we always believe that gift should be thoughtful and meaningful, especially something that brings wellness and positivity in one’s life. So, here we are to help you with some great gift ideas.

    03 Sep 2021

    Crystal is one of the oldest known minerals in the world. It is a solid substance whose constituents are arranged in a repeating symmetrical pattern. It is formed when molecules attach together in a specific repetitive pattern called crystallization. This process causes them to appear in all kinds of different shapes, pattern, transparency, color and hardness. To understand it better, we can say that when liquid molecules cool, they attempt to become stable. In this process, they stick together and once cooled they appear in unique shapes/patterns.

    05 Jul 2021

    Blue Apatite is one of those stones that you've probably come across but couldn't figure out what it was. Because of its numerous varied sizes, colors, and forms, this chameleonic gemstone is named after the Greek word "apatao," which means deception. Due to its unique mineral makeup, this multidimensional healing crystal comes in pink, violet, grey, brown, yellow, and white tones as well as a rare variety of tourmaline. Calcium phosphate, a common mineral component found in the bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, defines apatite stone.

    The energy of apatite is closely linked to the Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, or the Solar Plexus Chakra, depending on its color. It, like all blue stones, has a calming influence on the Heart Chakra and can help with emotional well-being. It's the birthstone for those born under the sign of Gemini, and it's very powerful and supportive for them. The apatite crystal is a manifestation, self-expression, and humanitarian endeavor stone. It can revitalize your enthusiasm for life, assist you in recognizing your goals, and assist you in taking control of your life.

    29 Jun 2021

    Crystals for Glowing and Youthful Skin


    With jade rollers and gua-sha popping up all over social media and crystals making their way into aestheticians' treatment rooms, it appears that everyone is placing gemstones on their faces. But are the benefits of gemstones and crystals for skin worth include in your routine?

    The answer is yes! Crystals have always been valued not just for medicinal and energy reasons, but also for skin care for thousands of years. Though using crystals as a form of self-care have particularly risen in popularity, appearing all over Instagram of beauty experts in recent time, its use is as old as human civilization. Either to restore the skin's radiance, or remove dry, weary skin and replace it with fresh, healthier skin or improve the texture of the skin, humans have been using them all the time. They do not just improve skin tone and texture, but also allow our faces to relax through soothing sensory experiencesAnd not to forget their intrinsic emotional and spiritual benefits to combat negative energy and uplift our soul!Socrystals are well worth a shot if you want a radiant healthy skin with your overall well-being.

    08 Jun 2021

    Crystals to Improve Your Mental Health

    Are you experiencing stress lately? Are you feeling exhausted emotionally and physically?Are you feeling difficulty in carrying out your daily activities? Don’t worry you are not alone. Many people around the world go through mental health problem in one way or the other at any point of life? The problem is widespread due to several socio-cultural, economic and genetic reasons. Studies have also shown that the pandemic is also having an impact on mental health.

    01 Jun 2021

    Orange Apophylliteis a distinctive specimen of Apophyllite with reddish-orange crystals. The crystalis bright and translucent with gorgeous appearance appealing to eye.Apophyllite, which utilizes the force of ancient melted volcanic rock streams, emits high vibrations of sunshine that is notable to alleviate feelings of anxiety, dread, and concern. This strong however delicate healing stone is a must-have for your gem collection because it helps relax the stressed mind and works to soak up negative mind patterns.

    30 May 2021

    Do you have a hard time falling or staying asleep? Do your to-do lists and fears keep you awake at night? Can your bedroom prosper from a little more serenity? You've come to the right place if you answered yes to all of these questions or are searching for a crystal to make you sleep better. The Celestite crystal is here to assist you with all sleep-related issues.

    What is Celestite?

    Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a blue crystallizing mineral. Celestite is often associated with divine influence, and when used in meditation and prayer, it is believed to enhance understanding, deeper consciousness, and mindfulness. Celestite is a strontium sulphate-based mineral (SrSO4). Its name comes from the Latin word Caelestis, which means "celestial," which is related to crystals' well-known sky blue hues. This mineral can be found as crystals in geodes.

    17 May 2021

    The amethyst geode or cluster crystal is one of the nature's most beautiful and treasured inventions. The term "geode" in Greek signifies "earth's shape." Geode is hollow and look rough and unattractive on the shell. But when broken open, it shows a magical and scintillating array of glistening and glimmering purple crystals within that. The structure arises through the formation of gas cavities in the lava underneath the earth's crust. The cavities are packed with solvent containing silica (quartz) and traces of iron.Amethyst geode is love at first sight! You will loveits entire dazzling aesthetic quality.However, Amethyst geode is not just about its wonderful appearance only. It comes with all the goodness of Amethyst.

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