Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony, which has green inclusion mixed with dark red patches/spots giving it a texture of blood, hence it is called as blood stone. This is a wonderful crystal for removing toxins and cleansing blood. It balances the water element thereby providing strength and adaptability with internal peace and stability. Can be used at heart chakra to dilute emotional trauma and pain. Considered effective for people suffering from blood related issues.

    This crystal is commonly associated with Zodiac Sign like Pisces, Aries & Libra and primarily denotes freedom, adaptability & balance. Irrespective of the Zodiac this crystal could be used to harness the underlying traits of the very zodiac fabric - the element. This is a water element and thus naturally brings freedom & flexibility with it. Could be of aid to people who are facing challenges in creating balance between professional & personal life, Have issue in adjusting or adapting in new environment or relation and for those who want to sharpen up their skill of free expression.

    We suggest you use stones to enhance and balance your Aries qualities such as Bloodstone

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