Green Crystals to Go with Shrawan!

    Shrawan particularly looks refreshing! It’s not just because of the monsoon rain or the lush green hills or the paddy terraces. It’s also because of the green bangles, green pote (glass beads), henna tattooed hands and colorfully (especially green and yellow) dressed women folks.

    However, women are not making any fashion statement by beautifying themselves in this month.

    Behind this aesthetics, there is a great religious significance related to the month.

    Shrawan or commonly referred as “Shawan”, is the month of fasting and Pujas.

    People, mainly women worship Lord Shiva especially on Mondays and keep a month long fasting vigil especially by refraining non-vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks. They observe fasting for the prosperity, luck and long life of their husbands.

    As green is the color of prosperity and happiness, the color is widely used during this month. And when it comes to beautifying themselves, women love to go extra miles to make the month looks more colorful! No surprise, it’s one of the favorite months of women folks!

    To be honest, we also love Shrawan for its Green appeal! And we do have a great collection of green crystals in bangles, rings, bracelets, beads, raw, tumbles and cabochons to go with your Shrawan vibes. Green is the color of Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra), the center of feelings, freedom and our emotional connection like compassion, love, beauty and inner peace. Green is also the color of abundance as it increases love, compassion, prosperity, good fortune, renewal and growth. Green Color symbolizes everything that we love to have in our lives. So, if you also want to make your Shrawan vibes full of positivity and prosperity, go for the green crystals! Here is a list of some green crystal items that can be helpful to you.

    Green Ognyx Bangle
    Pyramid Tatva Nepal
    Green Crystal Rings
    Pyramid Tatva Nepal
    Green Aventurine _12 Mm Braclet
    Creen Jade Dimond Cut Braclet
    Green Jade_8mm Braclet
    Prenite_14mm Braclet
    Green Aventurine 108 Bead
    Green Aventurine Organite Pyramid
    Green Aventurine Pyramid
    Unakite Pyramid
    Green Aventurine Organite Ball
    Green Flourite Sphare Ball
    Green Jade Organite Ball
    Malachite Cabochon
    Jade Cabochon
    Prehnite Cabachon
    Green Jade Tumble
    Malacite Tumble
    Prenite Tumble
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