30 Jul 2019
    Best Crystals To Use When You Are Feeling Low!

    What depression feels like? It’s very difficult to accurately express it. But people are well aware what it takes from one’s life – the Happiness. Nowadays it has been so common that at one time or another, we or someone we know, have gone through or experienced depression. The sufferers go through an endless feeling of loneliness, sadness, helplessness and worthlessness, and sometime, without being aware of their condition. What makes it more problematic is many people feel embarrassed of sharing their problem with others. And they end up fighting it alone without their family and friends being aware of their situation.

    But, there is nothing to feel hopeless about. The good thing about depression is - it is a treatable illness. Whatever the level of depression is, there are some simple things we can do in order to lessen its impact on our lives. Whereas taking a professional help is a must, we can also take the help of crystals to deal with depression. They are not only beneficial while dealing with thoughts and emotions related to depression, but they also enhance other healthy and holistic approach for speedy recovery. They are helpful in absorbing negative energies, lifting the mood, elevating positivity and amplifying healing energies. Not only depression-specific problems, crystals are also effective for heightening awareness and gaining new insights. Now that is said, what are the best crystals for depression? There are many crystals we could try, but the following crystals are our favorites. As crystals come in many shapes and sizes, you can choose any type as per our convenience. Either it’s a tumble, raw, sphere, bracelet or beads, every shape and size is equally efficient. Now, here is the list:

    pyramid tatva nepal
    Amethyst is a great cleanser and helps to heal in deeper level. It relieves stress and anxiety, and promotes inner peace and strength. As it’s a deep healer, it is quite helpful for coping with feelings of emotional pain and sense of emptiness.

    Rose Quartz
    pyramid tatva nepal
    Rose Quartz, with its soft pinky hue, is a very comforting crystal. It brings in soothing and healing energy to the Heart Chakra and promotes self-love. It provides comfort, calmness and relaxation during times of grief and helps to manage day-to-day stress.

    pyramid tatva nepal
    Citrine is the crystal of liveliness and sunshine. It encourages optimism, warmth and motivation, and generates stability. It helps to get out of the past and brings into you the power of “Now” by manifesting new opportunities and new perspectives.

    pyramid tatva nepal
    Carnelian is an excellent crystal for anyone who lacks motivation to make positive changes in life. It reduces anxiety, stabilizes emotions and motivates to take proactive action steps. It also protects from negative emotions and makes you accept different life situations.

    pyramid tatva nepal
    This amazing crystal is regarded as one of the best mood stabilizers as it contains high amount of lithium which is used in anti-depressant. It helps to align mental & emotional imbalances and gives mental clarity. Its soothing vibrations bring an inner peace and sense of belongingness and aid in sleeping soundly .

    Lapis Lazuli
    pyramid tatva nepal
    Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of truth and expressions. It brings truthfulness and mental clarity, and relieves you from the suppressed feelings by allowing self-expression. It promotes self-awareness and the acceptance. It is also useful curing insomnia.

    Smoky Quartz
    pyramid tatva nepal
    Smoky Quartz is a wonderful mood elevator. One of the highly recommended stones for mental stress, it helps to relieve depression, overcome negative emotions and remove emotional blockages. It transforms negative emotions like grief, anger, jealousy etc. into positive energies.

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