09 Aug 2019
    7 Best Crystals for Study and Mental Focus

    If there is one thing any student wants to avoid in life is to study. This irony, however, is quite self-explanatory as studying is boring, routinely and devoid of entertainment. And on top of that, it comes with many examinations and assignments- things that are not so welcoming when you are racking your mind to figure out the information from lectures and text books in the first place. And there are many researches that you need to do. And to make the matter worse internet is flooded with information and how much you push yourself, sometime you may end up in the middle of nowhere. So, things can be quite overwhelming to many students.

    However, things are not that depressing also if you can find a right help. Beside your willingness, there are many crystals that can be your best buddy in your academic pursuit. They can help you for studying well, enhancing focus and memory, and clarifying negative energies. They are also very easy to use as they can be worn around neck and fingers or carried in pocket and purse. Below, you can find about 7 best crystals that can help you in your studies.


    Calcite comes in a wide range of colors from colorless to grey, yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue-brown and black. For students, it particularly helps to increase memory and learning abilities. It also enhances motivation and stimulates your insights.


    Carnelian is a vibrant stone in brownish-red color. A stone of confidence and the power of true expression, it keeps one well-grounded, and enhances logical reasoning and decision making.

    Clear Quartz

    The most iconic of the quartz family, Clear Quartz is known as a master healer as it amplifies both energy and thought. It improves focus and brings mental clarity, and helps to retain information.

    Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye is a brilliant crystal that encourages calmness and strength. It eases nervousness, and gives determination and diligence to filter out the mental distractions with absolute focus.


    Amazonite, a greenish-blue color crystal is known for its soothing beauty. As it helps to balance and stabilize nervous system, it promotes relaxation to cope with large amounts of study related stress.


    Fluorite is known as the crystal of mind as it enhances mental focus and clarifies doubts to study effectively, yet effortlessly. As, it is available in many colors, you can choose any color you are drawn to.


    This indigo colored stone is a calming stone and helpful to those who panic during classes and examinations. It brings insights and understanding during study. It also helps to combines logic and intuition.

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