09 Sep 2019

    Sacral or “Swadishthan” Chakra which means “the place of the self” is the second Chakra located at lower abdomen below the navel. It is the center of your creativity, flexibility and adaptability. It helps in thinking forward and being positive towards life, away from the causes of stress and depression. As it governs reproductive organs, it is also the home of sexuality, the creative life force energy that enables you to enjoy your life. It is a water element Chakra and its color is orange.

    If Sacral Chakra is balanced, you will experience wellness, harmony and abundance. You will feel inspired and be able to enjoy the pleasurable things life has to offer. If Sacral Chakra is imbalanced, you will feel bored or over indulgent, addicted, listless, uninspired; and can experience lack of creativity and disharmony in relationship. You can also experience hormonal imbalance and sex related deficiencies. So, it is very important to balance Sacral Chakra.

    As the Chakra’s color is orange, to balance the Chakra, you can use any orange color crystals like Carnelian, Orange Selenite, Sunstone, Amber, Orange Calcite, Orange Aventurine etc. These healing crystals are helpful for any issues related to creativity, adaptability, sexuality, fertility; and fluid related issues like blood, urine and skin problems. People like artist, writer, musician etc who are in creative pursuits and in search of performance enhancements, expanding business or new projects can also use these crystals to activate the Chakra. Some crystal items helpful for Sacral Chakra are:

    Carnelian Tumble
    Carnelian Raw
    Sunstone Sphere
    Sunstone Tumble
    Carnelian 8mm Bracelet
    Carnelian 18mm Bracelet
    Orange Selenite Heart
    Amber Bracelet
    Carnelian Sphere
    Carnelian Orgonite Ball
    Carnelian Orgonite Pyramid
    Sunstone Pyramid
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