26 Mar 2021

    Vastu Shastra, an Ancient Science of Architecture

    Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture that helps to eliminate negative energy and enhance positive energy at a particular place or building for the prosperity of the dwellers. Not just the houses, the science is used to make even towns, cities, gardens, roads and other public places and buildings. It consists of principles related to design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Its principles take under consideration of four directions (East, West, North and South) and five natural elements (Jal, Agni, Vayu, Aakash and Prithivi) to maintain the balance of positive and negative energy in the intended place.

    Vastu Shastra used to be a well-practiced area of knowledge in the past in Indian sub-continent as people used to consider houses as a living being closely attached to their existence. So, they used to treat house construction as a sacred ceremony. As per the mythology, Lord Brahma created a man named Vastu Purusha who became bigger each day and started to eat anything and everything which led threat to every creature on Earth. Lord Brahma realizing his mistake made Vastu Purusha immortal and set him as figure to be worshiped by all mortals who would build any structure on Earth. According to this deal, Vastu Purusha became inseparable to Earth forever. Due to Vastu’s connection with Earth and construction, the science got its name as “Vastu Shastra”. Vastu also means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land in Sanskrit. There are three types Vastu namely Srishti, Chikitsa and Vardhamana. In all these three types of Vastu, there is an element of integration between the occupant and the building. So, Vastu in reality is not an idol to worship or offer prayers, it is all about making the atmosphere full of fortune and positive vibes.

    Realizing the importance of this ancient knowledge, Vastu Shatra is increasingly being more popular in recent times. According to the modern analysis, there are three types of Vastu – Residental Vastu, Office Vastu and Commercial Vastu. Residential Vastu is for residential houses which are an important part of our daily lives. It focuses on clearing negative energy and bringing pleasure and peace at your doorstep. Office Vastu is quite popular these days. Office Vastu consists of concepts and ideas of directions of different departments of office building. It is more focused on attracting wealth by reducing negative energy. And the third one is Commercial Vastu, which prioritizes in bringing prosperity to the buildings, factory, sites etc. It is also used to shield the site against tough situations or failures.

    Vastu Shastra and Crystals

    Vastu Shastra is actually an engineering manual consisting of sets of instructions based on ancient theories. It works with design and layout in relation to space and directions. However, Vastu also makes use of crystals to amplify the effects as Vastu also works with balancing energy as Crystals. As we know that crystals connect our elements with Earth’s energies, they are used to align and harmonize energy in our space. From cleansing to magnifying positive energy, crystals can magically transform the environment.

    Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pyramid

    Specific crystal stones and crystal pyramids are used in and around the structure and foundation to get the desired effect. These crystals are used in accordance to the four cardinal directions East, West, North and South and their derivatives. Based on the intention of the user, specific crystals are set or put at strategic locations. For example, if you want to protect your home from unwanted visitors, you can put black color crystals like hematite and black tourmaline near the entrance. If you intend to nurture your relationships, you can place Rose Quartz in the South West corner of the house. Nowadays crystal pyramids are also widely in use in Vastu. So, with proper programming, crystals can immensely compliment Vastu Shastra to make your space filled with positive energy and happiness. 

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