ammonite fossils

    Ammonite Fossils are one of the most widely known fossils having ribbed spiral shape and iridescent luster acquired by millions of years of compression and mineralization. Ammonites are shelled cephalopods that are extinct at the same time around dinosaurs. Ammonites now appear in fossilized forms in marine rocks. When polished, such fossils become beautiful minerals of gem quality. As they are rare gifts from Mother Earth, they are considered remarkable minerals with many healing benefits.

    Historical Folklore

    Ammonites existed for around 140 million years during the Jurassic and Cretaceous stages of Earth's history. Cuttlefish, octopus, and squid are descended from them. Aragonite and mother-of-pearl were said to be used in their shells. Ammonite gets its name from Amun, an Egyptian deity associated with ram. It gets its name from its resemblance to a ram's horn. Ammonite is thought to be connected to Chi Lin, a mythical beast, according to Feng Shui experts. They believed that these fossils would bring them fortune and glory. Some claim that Ammonite fossil was the first Olympic discus used by the Greeks.


    Ammonites are recognized by their form, which resembles a coil with a large mouth. A phragmocone is the chambered portion of an ammonite egg. It is made up of a series of increasingly larger chambers known as camerae, which are separated by thin walls known as septa. Only the last and highest room, the body chamber, was inhabited by a living animal. It expanded by adding newer and larger chambers to the coil's open end. Ammonite is a precious, gem-quality, iridescent mineral. It's made from the fossilized shells of extinct ammonites.  This organic gemstone is famous for freeform natural cabochons and assembled jewelry pieces because of its wide range of dazzling colors and patterns. The fossil's original shale serves as a foundation for them. Ammonite triplets are typically built on a dark gray shale wafer with a thin layer of ammonite on top. A calibrated optical quartz or synthetic spinel cap is normally placed on top. Freeform cabochons with a backing are called doublets. This construction helps the ammonite to shine brightly while being protected in an environment that is sturdy enough to be worn every day.


    The ammonite's shell is responsible for the formation of these fossils. They've been discovered in a variety of sizes, the tallest standing several feet long. Ammonites are easily identified by their spiraled appearance.


    Ammonites are widely used for healing as it is believed that they draw negative energies. Consider the Ammonite spirals as a filter that draws in dense energies that are no longer required, moves them through the spirals, and releases them as fresh, constructive, loving life force energies. Ammonite is a highly effective earth healing fossil. Over eons of time, ammonites have captured celestial energies and serve to activate the life force (Chi) inside. Kundalini and life path energies are often activated with ammonites. Keeping an ammonite in your home is considered to attract fitness, wealth, and success. Ammonites can help you gain physical stamina and vitality. Ammonites can be used to treat high blood pressure, as well as complications in the ears, lungs, and degenerative diseases. Ammonites can also help to alleviate the heaviness that comes with depression.

    Here at Pyramid Tatva Nepal, we have a variety of hand-picked Ammonites. They are eager to connect with their human partners after spending hundreds of thousands of years deep underneath the earth! All our Ammonites are energetically cleared on a daily basis to ensure that they retain their intrinsic calm characteristics and personalities despite being visited by so many store visitors. Hope to see you there J

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