Crystal is one of the oldest known minerals in the world. It is a solid substance whose constituents are arranged in a repeating symmetrical pattern. It is formed when molecules attach together in a specific repetitive pattern called crystallization. This process causes them to appear in all kinds of different shapes, pattern, transparency, color and hardness. To understand it better, we can say that when liquid molecules cool, they attempt to become stable. In this process, they stick together and once cooled they appear in unique shapes/patterns.

    Crystals have been used for various purposes since humankind came to know about these wonderful stones. In more recent context, crystals are used for the individual’s physical as well as metaphysical wellbeing. There is an increasing trend of using crystals by celebrities and influencers for healing, enhancing self-care and creating positive energy. The list of such celebrities is quite long which includes Adele, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Kate Perry, Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Amitabh Bachchan etc. While there are many who believe on the efficacy of crystals and vouch for it, there are also many who are skeptical about their uses.

    So, do they actually work? Well, if you know the science behind it, you will also start loving crystals just like us. So, here we are to tell you how it works.

    • Crystals are typically found inside the Earth’s crust ranging from the size of a millimeter to several meters. They are formed through sustained magmatic and metamorphic processes which take millions of years. As they are formed through such geological miracle and are buried deep in the earth or sea, they are considered to carry Earth’s DNA. That’s why, apart from their characteristics outlook, they have their own individualistic consciousness and vibrations. They are storehouses of energy and have the ability to absorb, retain and emit Energy. Their vibrations and energies have considerable impact on our mood, mind and overall health.
    • Since they are the energy powerhouses, they channelize the flow of energies in our body. This helps in allowing and regulating positive energy and removing toxic negative energy that greatly aids in healing our body, mind and soul.
    • Crystals’ energy align with our Chakra system. Particular crystals resonate with particular Chakras, which means crystals play a significant role in balancing our Chakras. To be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, Chakras need to be in balance all the time.  
    • Crystals are very comforting. Due to their eye-pleasing outlook and soothing texture, they have a very pleasant sensory effect resulting in a satisfying stimuli. So, even if you don’t feel connected with the crystals in the beginning, they have an instant effect resulted by the release of chemicals in the brain that bring about happiness and positivity. So, you will get the benefits before you have sustained exposure with crystals.
    • Crystals also cause a placebo effect in our body. The effects can be similar to what a medication can cause. It can significantly help in the healing process. So, if you trust your crystals, they won’t let you down.


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