Father’s Day is just round the corner! And you must be wondering on what could be the best gift for him. Of course, your dad would say that he doesn’t want anything but it’s the time you show how much you care and love him after all he is the super hero of your life. The best way to show your appreciation is to give a gift. But finding a perfect gift for your dad can be tough. Well, we always believe that gift should be thoughtful and meaningful, especially something that brings wellness and positivity in one’s life. So, here we are to help you with some great gift ideas.


    1. Black Tourmaline

    To this day, black tourmaline is considered one of the most coveted crystal stones by jewelers worldwide. Black tourmaline is capable of providing protection and eradicating negative energy. As they are placed around a home or office, these healing crystals absorb all the negative energy. Because of its protective properties, it keeps bad energy from entering your mind.


    1. Carnelian

    A number of Carnelian's advantages can be attributed to the Earthy energy it emits. As well as giving you more energy, carnelian also helps you to be more creative and overcome your fears. For centuries, this stone has been revered for its ability to heal both spiritually and physically. Millions of people use Carnelian for emotional and physical healing.


    1. Tiger Eye

    Beautiful and powerful, Tiger Eye is a protective stone with a high vibrational frequency. An individual's mood is said to be lifted by Tiger's Eye, which is said to help ground them. There is a definite earthiness to this crystal. It is believed that Tiger's Eye can also protect you from bad intentions of others.


    1. Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz has a very powerful effect on the Heart Chakra. In fact, Egyptian and Roman tombs had been found with rose quartz stone masks. Your mind can be opened up to love, and negative influences can be removed immediately.


    1. Lapis Lazuli

    It's a blue stone with gold flecks in it, and many Egyptian kings were interred with it. Wisdom and truth are associated with lapis. Your inner truth will be revealed by this stone, which bestows on the wearer qualities such as honesty, compassion and morality.


    1. Amethyst

    For the mind, amethyst is a wonderful stone. For those who have a specific goal in mind, it helps you focus and be more clear-headed about it. As a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner peace, it is regarded as a sacred stone. Intuition and meditation benefit greatly from this stone's presence in your life.


    1. Clear quartz

    With its high vibration, clear quartz has been regarded as one of the best healing stones. It is said that it removes negativity from your environment and helps you connect with your higher self. According to great minds of our time, everyone has the capacity to connect with their higher self. When we connect with this part of ourselves, we are able to find answers to the big questions in our life.

    At Pyramid Tatva Nepal, we are offering special discount in Father’s Day special items. New and thoughtful wellness gifts for your father are waiting for you! Give him these crystals this Father's Day if you're looking for a unique gift. As a result of these stones, your father will receive an extra boost of energy and positivity. There's a belief that a gifted crystal has more power.

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