29 Oct 2021
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    5 Best Good Luck Crystals to Shine Your Fortune

    Everyone values good fortune and achievement in their life. Whether it’s in business, career, relationships or finance, people are always seeking for good fortune. Humans have been using crystals to bring good luck for thousands of years as crystals are believed to carry positive energy. Each crystal has its own benefits and set of features that enhances universal energy. Using right crystals can improve your luck resulting in prosperity in relationship, wealth, and business. Here are some of our favorite crystals that ensure good luck and fortune.

    1. Citrine
      Citrine is one of the most significant gems for manifesting, especially when it comes to encouraging business success. It is one of the magnificent stones that carries the power of Sun. Citrine adds substance to one's life. It was formerly regarded as the stone of merchandisers, since it aided in the discovery of wealth and abundance. The stone helps in the release of negative energy and attracts people and situations that are required to achieve ambitions.

    Tip for Using Citrine: Put Citrine in your wealth corner or cash box for extra financial luck.

    1. Amethyst
      Amethyst has traditionally been connected with luck. When making crucial decisions, this purple stone aids in revealing doubt and hearing your inner voice. These are amazing stones for welcoming success into your life. Because of its unique nature, this stone influences human intuition and gives good luck. It's a valuable tool in situations where it appears that a person is hooked on a specific moment and is unable to move ahead. The stone can also be used to guard against ideas that lead to the loss of money.
      Tips for Using Amethyst: Take Amethyst to bed with you to make your dreams come true.
    2. Green Aventurine
      Green Aventurine is regarded as one of the most fortunate stones. It's famous among businessmen because of its winning power. It is regarded as the stone of desire fulfillment. The stone provides necessary motivation to make one's wishes come true. This stone will always remind a person to be assertive when dealing with problems.
      Tips for Using Green Aventurine: Take Green Aventurine with you if you're going to the races. 4. Tiger's Eye
      A mineral with such a unique name possesses enormous power and provides great fortune to its owner. The stone helps one to express oneself without becoming emotional, to relate with others, and to pursue one's own interests. The stone has the unique feature of allowing the most accurate future prediction. This stone helps us to form wise and proper ideas about work or other aspects of life.
      Tip for Using Tiger's Eye: Wear Tiger's Eye as jewelry or use it as an energy tool.

      5. Rose Quartz
      Rose Quartz gives good fortune, especially in personal relations. The energy of this stone draws love. It adds warmth and affection to any relationship, not just love connections. The stone encourages the release of unpleasant and past emotions, helping one to move forward and attain success. Rose Quartz removes bad energy and replaces it with positivity, which aids in the resolution of conflict situations and controversies, as well as the release of tension between individuals.
      Tip for Using Rose Quartz: Put a large piece of Rose quartz in the love corner of your home and also by your bed to bring luck in love.
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