Carnelian is corresponding to sacral chakra, the water element bringing the creative aspect of individual. The vibrations are balancing the water element and helps in addressing issues related to blood. It also helps in being more adaptable and accepting to the circumstances of life. Gives desired flexibility in approach with a out of box thinking attitude. 

    Opening the heart chakra for acceptance, this wonderful crystal is a stone of acceptance and forgiveness. It makes one understand the value of accepting the reality as it is, which in turn helps in dissolving the emotional blockages and open up for universal unconditional love. Once open to acceptance manifestation is far more effective and thus also considered to be a stone of abundance. It has a strong air element and helps in balancing the air element in body.

    Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony, which has green inclusion mixed with dark red patches/spots giving it a texture of blood, hence it is called as blood stone. This is a wonderful crystal for removing toxins and cleansing blood. It balances the water element thereby providing strength and adaptability with internal peace and stability. Can be used at heart chakra to dilute emotional trauma and pain. Considered effective for people suffering from blood related issues.

    Multi flourite / Rainbow Flourite :A creator crystal. It is also known as Rainbow Fluorite and is a soothing entity in itself. It helps to enhance out of box thinking and giving shape to one's imagination and creativity thus helpful for all those who want to apply creativity in their work or education. It breaks the old patterns which help in looking at the brighter side of life. It is also considered to be helpful in healing bone related issues. Helps to enhance flexibility both at emotional and physical level. Wonderful crystal to balance the water element and add a color of joy and happiness to it.

    Now this is something completely different, many have used it and there are many stories surrounding the mystic moldavite. Created due to meteor impact where in the minerals of meteor and earth merge together and crystallize over a period of time, this is a very rare and exclusive crystal formation. Referred in many folklore and depicted in ancient civilization, this is a magical crystal which is mined only at Czech republic and the deposit is waning out fast.


    The energy of Self love, Pink Tourmaline is a variant of tourmaline. Tourmaline as a crystal family occurs in almost every color nature can create and contrary to belief only the Black Tourmaline is the cheapest among-st all the variants. Sourcing any other variant of tourmaline in India is challenge as the demand is less due to unawareness and the cost factor tends one to take a back seat.


     One of the most amazing crystal, Satyaloka is said to be from a mystic mountain in southern India. The crystal is believed to contain highest level of spiritual energies for person's evolution and awakening. Though it is a variant of Clear Quartz, however the transparency, the texture and the energy makes it very different from any variant of Clear Quartz on the planet.

    One of the most amazing crystal, Tanzanite is mined at mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and hence it gets the name Tanzanite. This is a blue and purple crystal with amazing energies and is a priced possession in itself. Some consider it to be substitute for blue sapphire, however the energies are completely different and unique in itself.

    This is one the personal favorite crystal, belonging to the tektite family, it has a very strong and intense energy to itself. Though most of the tektites have high vibrations however this is a class apart. Tibetan Tektite is a variant of the tektites found around the world and this is purely a shamanic category of crystal.

    One of the most soothing crystal and a pure water element, Aquamarine is amazing to connect to. This crystal occurs in sea blue / green shade and falls under segment of gemstone. Aquamarine as the name suggest brings the energy of Aqua - water and the calmness of sea - the Marine with it. This is one of the most beautiful shade of green blue and brings instant calmness and sense of completeness.

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