Sacral or “Swadishthan” Chakra which means “the place of the self” is the second Chakra located at lower abdomen below the navel. It is the center of your creativity, flexibility and adaptability. It helps in thinking forward and being positive towards life, away from the causes of stress and depression. As it governs reproductive organs, it is also the home of sexuality, the creative life force energy that enables you to enjoy your life. It is a water element Chakra and its color is orange.

    Yellow Aventurine


    Chakras - Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra


    Yellow Aventurine opens and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is especially helpful for those who are oversensitive or indecisive, aiding in overcoming any feelings of problems with power and control over your own life. It can help focus intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself, in addition to increasing levels of abundance and prosperity. Yellow Aventurine also enhances creativity.

    White Agte Plate and Cup

    • White Quartz -
    • It is an emotional stress relieving stone, it will reduce negative energies and stress out of your system for sure.
    • Snow quartz will increase self-confidence and enhances public speaking skills.
    • Milky Quartz healing properties amplifies wisdom and sharpens the mind.

    As per the ancient eastern belief, every human body has subtle life force or energy centers called Chakra that moves inside us spinning and rotating like a wheel. There are seven such subtle energy wheels, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. For the holistic well-being of an individual, these Chakras should be in balance and function properly.

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