Malachite Raw Weight 100 GM

    NPR 1,526.00

    It represents the healing energy of earth and is an amazing protection crystal and a cleanser for environment. It absorbs negative energy and pollutants from atmosphere and body. It resonates with heart chakra. Thereby, dissolving deep rooted blockages and is also effective to address issues related to lungs. It filters and removes toxins from the body. Thereby making it a unique crystal with multiple applications. It is also considered to be highly effective for protection from negative energies and psychic attacks.

    Additional Info

    • Specification

    • Per Gram: 15.26
    • Price Unit: Per Piece
    • Category: Natural Raw Stones
    • Sub Category: Raw
    • Colours: Light to dark green, sometimes banded with darker and lighter shades of green, and sometimes sparkling.
    • Application

    • Chakras: Root Chakra , Heart Chakra
    NPR 1,526.00

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